Resealable Cubes

Our resealable cubes offer an easy way to enjoy some of our most popular snacks again and again. They’re the perfect retail option for shelves or cube racks. Choose from snack mixes, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, candy & chocolates and snacks.

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With more than 3,000 snacks in our product line, Truly Good Foods is the ideal snack partner for your business.

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Banana Chips Cube

A light, sweet snack that’ll add some crunch to your snacking. High in potassium, they’re great to snack on alone or add to breakfast and lunch.


Available in:
891351, 6/7oz resealable cubes
T28810, 12/1.75oz snack bags
300100, 14lb bulk


Berry Good Cube

As the name implies, it’s full of berry goodness.


Available in:
891011, 6/9oz resealable cubes
T200395, 120/1.5oz mini snack bags
T200390, 12/3oz snack bags
100320, 15lb bulk

Blanched Almonds, Slivered Cube

These slivered almonds are a great snack to add to your favorite recipe or add over salads for some crunch. They’re also a great source of protein and fiber.

Available in:
891176, 6/9oz resealable cubes
111100, 25lb bulk

Brazil Nuts Cube

These nuts offer a delicious rich taste and lots of health benefits. Selenium is a powerful antioxidant that Brazil nuts have 2,500 times more of than other nuts.


Available in:
891211, 6/9oz resealable cubes
180201, 11lb bulk
180204, 44lb bulk

Brown Flax Seeds Cube

This healthy snack is a good choice when you’re looking to add more fiber and Omega-3 to your diet. Grinding flax seeds is the best way to get the maximum health benefits.


Available in:
891241, 6/12oz resealable cubes
320600, 50lb bulk

Buffalo Nuts® Cube

Peanuts with a kick of zesty buffalo wing flavor. All of the buffalo wing flavor you love with none of the mess.


Available in:
891216, 6/10oz resealable cubes
T208140, 12/5oz SUR bags
T289870, 12/6oz Grabeez® cups
130240, 10lb bulk


California Mix Cube

Just like the name implies, this mix is full of sunshine and sweetness.

Available in:

891017, 6/9oz resealable cubes
T200432, 120/1.5oz mini snack bags
T200430, 12/3.5oz snack bags
100450, 25lb bulk

Cashews, Whole, Raw Cube

These nuts are a great way to add some protein and heart healthy fats to your diet. The raw nuts have a mild taste that can be enjoyed on their own or added to salads and stir-fries.


Available in:
891231, 6/9oz resealable cubes
120305, 50lb bulk

Cashews, Whole, Roasted and Salted Cube

These nuts are roasted perfectly and then lightly salted for a taste that will have you reaching for more.


Available in:
891226, 6/9oz resealable cubes
T204240, 12/2.25oz snack bags
120310, 25lb bulk

Cashews, Whole, Roasted, No Salt Cube

These nuts are roasted with no salt for a flavorful snack that someone watching their sodium intake can enjoy. They’re a wonderful source of fiber and protein.


Available in:
891221, 6/9oz resealable cubes
120320, 25lb bulk

Chia ReCharged Stix Mix Cube

Chia is one of the hottest superfoods right now and this mix is a tasty way to get the health benefits.


Available in:
880041, 6/10oz resealable cubes
T208120, 12/5oz SUR bags
102730, 10lb bulk

Chocolate Peanuts Cube

One bite of these sweet treats and you won’t want to share! Peanuts covered in rich milk chocolate are always a good choice for that perfect sweet and salty combination.

Available in:
891651, 6/9.5oz resealable cubes
503380, 32lb bulk

College Crunch Cube

This mix is a perfect fit for any college campus.


Available in:
891126, 6/10oz resealable cubes
T102400, 25lb bulk

Cranberries Cube

These delicious cranberries have a tart taste that is slighty sweet. They’re great to enjoy plain or add to your favorite breakfast. Full of antioxidants too.


Available in:
891376, 6/10oz resealable cubes
231001, 10lb bulk
231000, 25lb bulk

Crystallized Ginger Cube

This sweet snack has lots of different uses including as a spicy snack, cooking ingredient, or to add to your favorite cup of tea. Ginger can also be a great treatment for nausea.


Available in:
891411, 6/9oz resealable cubes
585406, 6lb bulk
585400, 11lb bulk

Dark Chocolate Almonds Cube

This sweet treat is a perfect marriage between savory almonds and rich dark chocolate. Simple, but full of big flavor.


Available in:
891671, 6/11oz resealable cubes
550520, 25lb bulk

Dark Chocolate Cranberries Cube

This sweet snack is full of antioxidant benefits and big taste. The subtle sweetness of the cranberries and dark chocolate pair perfectly together.


Available in:
891676, 6/11oz resealable cubes
550570, 25lb bulk

Dark Chocolate Energy Boost Cube

This mix is full of probiotics and health benefits.


Available in:
880031, 6/10oz resealable cubes
T208110, 12/5oz SUR bags
102710, 10lb bulk



Edamame Beans Cube

These tasty snacks are full of nutritional benefits and are a great source of protein and fiber.


Available in:
891496, 6/7oz resealable cubes
300580, 22lb bulk

Fiber First® Cube

This sweet and savory blend is full of fiber goodness.


Available in:
891036, 6/10oz resealable cubes
100300, 25lb bulk



French Quarter Blend® Cube

As flavorful as the real French Quarter, this snack mix has lots of interesting textures and layers.


Available in:
891046, 6/9.5oz resealable cubes
T201025, 120/1.5oz mini snack bags
T201020, 12/4oz snack bags
100940, 25lb bulk


Fruit Slices Cube

Always a classic snack choice. These fruit slices come in bright colors in a variety of flavors. Great for a sweet snack on-the-go.


Available in:
891701, 6/12oz resealable cubes
521080, 31lb bulk

Gummy Bears Cube

The classic treat that everyone loves.


Available in:
891716, 6/12oz resealable cubes
T207650, 12/4oz snack bags
T290050, 12/7.5oz Grabeez® cups
586060, 5lb bulk



Happy Hour Mix Cube

It’s the happiest hour of the day and this mix is the perfect match.


Available in:
891056, 6/8oz resealable cubes
T205950, 12/6oz SUR bags
41950, 10lb bulk


Healthy Trails Mix Cube

Our #1 snack mix for over 30 years.


Available in:
891026, 6/10oz resealable cubes
T200805, 120/1.5oz mini snack bags
T200800, 12/3.5oz snack bags
T290010, 12/6.5oz Grabeez® cups
T100800, 25lb bulk


Honey Roasted Sesame Sticks Cube

These sesame sticks are a crunchy snack with a touch of sweetness. Great for large groups and also to add to your salad at lunch.


Available in:
891516, 6/7oz resealable cubes
301990, 15lb bulk

Kickin’ Cajun Party Mix Cube

It’s a party in your mouth with a spicy taste that’ll kick your taste buds into gear.


Available in:
891081, 6/8oz resealable cubes
T205315, 12/6.5oz SUR bags
10315, 25lb bulk

Mango Slices Cube

Enjoy the luscious taste of mango on the go with these slices. A tropical treat that’s full of antioxidants and fiber.


Available in:
891421, 6/8oz resealable cubes
283521, 11lb bulk

Mexicali Fire® Cube

This mix is on firrrrrrrrre!


Available in:
891096, 6/8oz resealable cubes
T200980, 120/1.5oz mini snack bags
T290020, 12/4.75oz Grabeez® cups
T205400, 12/6.5oz SUR Bags
101400, 25lb bulk

Milk Chocolate Almonds Cube

This sweet treat is a perfect marriage between savory almonds and rich milk chocolate. Simple, but full of big flavor.


Available in:
891801, 6/11.5oz resealable cubes
520002, 25lb bulk

Natural Almonds, Raw Cube

An all natural snack that’ll keep your heart happy and your energy up. Packed with health benefits for a better-for-you snack option.

Available in:

891201, 6/10oz resealable cubes
T200900, 12/3oz snack bags
110000, Supreme, 25lb bulk
110005, Supreme, 50lb bulk
110435, Carmel, 50lb bulk

Natural Almonds, Roasted, No Salt Cube

This natural snack is great for an energy burst on-the-go. A good option for those looking to keep their cholesterol low since there is no salt.


Available in:
891191, 6/10oz resealable cubes
110020, 25lb bulk

Natural Almonds, Roasted and Salted Cube

This natural snack is great for an energy burst on-the-go. These almonds are roasted and salted for maximum flavor.


Available in:
891196, 6/10oz resealable cubes
110010, 25lb bulk

Natural Almonds, Sliced Cube

These sliced almonds are a go-to for baking recipes and can also be added to salads or casseroles. They’re a great source of protein and fiber along with other heart health benefits.


Available in:
891181, 6/6.5oz resealable cubes
110700, 25lb bulk

Oat Bran Sesame Sticks Cube

A great alternative to traditional pretzels, these sesame sticks are full of flavor.


Available in:
891527, 6/6.5oz resealable cubes
301550, 15lb bulk

Orange Slices Cube

One of our most popular fruit slice flavors, these orange slices are always a great choice. Great for a sweet snack on-the-go.


Available in:
891841, 6/12oz resealable cubes
521110, 31lb bulk

Pecan Halves, Jr. Mammoth Raw Cube

These pecans are a healthy, delicious snack that are also great to use in baking pies or as dessert toppings. Our raw pecan halves are mammoth in size and have a buttery texture and mildly sweet taste.


Available in:
891276, 6/7oz resealable cubes
140100, 30lb bulk

Pecan Pieces, Medium Fancy Cube

These pecan pieces are the highest quality grade and an excellent source of vitamin E. They’re great to enjoy on their own or add into your favorite trail mix.


Available in:
891281, 6/8oz resealable cubes
140200, 30lb bulk

Pep In Your Step Cube

It’s a power packed mix of 13 raw nuts and dried fruits. Guaranteed to add some pep to your life.


Available in:
891071, 6/9oz resealable cubes
T201100, 12/3.5oz snack bags
T101100, 25lb bulk


Perfectly Fit Cube

A healthier and all natural snack that packs the power of Omega-3s and antioxidants.


Available in:
891111, 6/8.5oz resealable cubes
102100, 25lb bulk

Pineapple Wedges Cube

This sweet snack is full of antioxidants and dietary fiber, making for a healthier sweet option.


Available in:
891447, 6/10oz resealable cubes
220604, 11lb bulk

Pistachios Cube

These are a great treat for the pistachio lover. We work with some of the best growers to ensure creamy, meaty pistachio nuts that are always delicious.


Available in:
891291, 6/7oz resealable cubes
T204780, 12/2.5oz snack bags
182150, 25lb bulk

Praline Pecans Cube

A Southern classic, these pecans are candied with sugar and butter for a crispy treat you can’t resist. Perfect for the holidays or anytime you are feeling extra fancy.


Available in:
891289, 6/8oz resealable cubes
14013-10, 10lb bulk

Pumpkin Seeds, Raw Cube

Ready to enjoy straight out of the cube, these seeds are a major nutritional powerhouse. They have a great crunch when eaten alone and can also to be added to salad or your favorite recipe for a nutrition boost.


Available in:
891311, 6/10oz resealable cubes
320805, 55lb bulk

Pumpkin Seeds, Roasted and Salted Cube

These roasted and salted seeds offer full flavor with some great health benefits. High in protein and iron, they’re a good snack choice for an afternoon pick-me-up.


Available in:
891316, 6/8.5oz resealable cubes
320810, 25lb bulk

Salted Plantain Chips Cube

Plantains are part of the banana family, but tend to be less sweet making for a delicious salty snack that is a great alternative to potato chips.


Available in:
891452, 6/5oz resealable cubes
300190, 20lb bulk

Sesame Sticks, Roasted and Salted Cube

A classic party snack, these sesame sticks are always fresh and full of crunch. A great choice for large groups and events.

Available in:
301535, 6/6.5oz resealable cubes
891531, 15lb bulk

Sour Neon Worms Cube

Everyone’s favorite gummy worms, with a sour kick.


Available in:
891896, 6/9.5oz resealable cubes
T290075, 12/6.5oz Grabeez® cups
586100, 5lb bulk

Sunburst Cube

Just two words: Salty. Raisins.


Available in:
891131, 6/10oz resealable cubes
T202560, 120/1.5oz mini snack bags
T202550, 12/3.5oz snack bags
T290040, 12/6.5oz Grabeez® cups
T205550, 12/9oz SUR bags
102550, 25lb bulk

Sunflower Seeds, Raw Cube

This healthy, filling snack is always a good choice. Always fresh, these seeds are also a great choice for protein, fiber and iron intake.


Available in:
891331, 6/9.5oz resealable cubes
321305, 50lb bulk

Sunflower Seeds, Roasted, No Salt Cube

These roasted seeds are a great choice for those looking for a healthier snack who are also watching their sodium intake. The resealable cubes are perfect to keep around the house for a week long snack.


Available in:
891321, 6/9.5oz resealable cubes
321320, 25lb bulk

Sunflower Seeds, Roasted and Salted Cube

These seeds are full of flavor and always a great choice to eat alone or add to your favorite salad. They’re also a great source of protein.


Available in:
891326, 6/9.5oz resealable cubes
T321312, 120/1.5oz mini snack bags
321310, 25lb bulk

Super Charged Cranberry Blend Cube

Whoa Cranberry! This mix is bursting with flavor and health benefits.


Available in:
880036, 6/10oz resealable cubes
T208100, 12/5oz SUR bags
102720, 10lb bulk


Sweet Tooth Cube

If you’re looking for a decadent snack that will fulfill your sweet craving, this is the mix.


Available in:
891146, 6/10.5oz resealable cubes
102750, 25lb bulk

Turkish Apricots Cube

These apricots are a good choice for a sweet better-for-you snack. They are full of potassium which can help prevent high blood pressure.


Available in:
891346, 6/10oz resealable cubes
280651, 10lb bulk
280650, 28lb bulk

Walnuts, Halves & Pieces, Combination Cube

Few foods are as nutritiously complete, which is why walnuts are considered a superfood. This mix of walnut halves and pieces is a combination of light and amber meats.


Available in:
891336, 6/7oz resealable cubes
183100, 25lb bulk

Wasabi Explosion Cube

A taste explosion of bold flavors.

Available in:

891161, 6/5.5oz resealable cubes
T290060, 12/3.75oz Grabeez® cups
300477, 22lb bulk

Wasabi Green Peas Cube

These green peas definitely have a kick of bold flavor. They’re a great crunchy snack for a large crowd looking to be adventurous in their snacking.


Available in:
891551, 6/7oz resealable cubes
300642, 22lb bulk

Yogurt Pretzels Cube

A salty pretzel crunch with a creamy yogurt finish.


Available in:
891921, 6/7oz resealable cubes
T206020, 12/4.5oz SUR bags
503303, 15lb bulk

Yogurt Raisins Cube

Sweet raisins covered in tangy yogurt make for a delicious snack. Raisins are often called nature’s candy and the yogurt really takes them up a notch.


Available in:
891951, 6/14oz resealable cubes
503390, 30lb bulk

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With more than 3,000 snacks in our product line, Truly Good Foods is the ideal snack partner for your business.

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