Our Team

Angela Bauer Headshot

Angela Bauer

Owner/President & CEO

Bill Davis, Jr. Headshot

Bill Davis, Jr.

Senior Territory Manager

Bruce Subrt Headshot

Bruce Subrt

Safety Manager

Cathy Welch Headshot

Cathy Welch

Inside Sales Associate

Emily Byers Headshot

Emily Byers

Credit & Collections Team Lead

Evelyn Madera Headshot

Evelyn Madera

Senior International Sales Associate

Gerald Anton Bennett Headshot

Gerald Anton Bennett

Inside Sales Associate

Jodie Griffin Headshot

Jodie Griffin

Inside Sales Manager

John Tuosto Headshot

John Tuosto

Territory Manager

Juan Gomez Headshot

Juan Gomez

Director of Human Resources

Kimberley Tallent Headshot

Kimberley Tallent

Human Resources Manager

Latra Fullwood Headshot

Latra Fullwood

Credit & Collections

Lisa Smith Headshot

Lisa Smith

Director of Marketing

Marcus Cureton Headshot

Marcus Cureton

QA & Food Safety Manager

Michele Nicodeme Headshot

Michele Nicodeme

Product Marketing Coordinator

Mike DeCramer Headshot

Mike DeCramer

Business Development Manager - Retail

Mike Duke Headshot

Mike Duke

Director of Supply Chain

Scott Thornton Headshot

Scott Thornton

Director of IT

Tammy Esquivel Headshot

Tammy Esquivel

Sales Operations Manager

Thea Hatton Headshot

Thea Hatton

Buyer/Inventory Coordinator

Todd Alvarez Headshot

Todd Alvarez

National Sales Manager

Tom Tran Headshot

Tom Tran

Territory Manager

Tracie Costner Headshot

Tracie Costner

Inside Sales Manager

Employee Spotlight

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