Sunburst Bulk

  • Artboard 1Good Source of Protein
  • Artboard 1Kosher
  • Artboard 1Low or No Sodium
  • starBest Seller

Available in:

102550, 25lb bulk
202560, 120/1.5oz mini snack bags
203021, 24/3.5oz snack bags
T290040, 12/6.5oz Grabeez® cups
891131, 6/10oz resealable cubes

Nutrition Facts

What makes this mix so delicious?

Just two words: Salty. Raisins.


Sunburst™ is a delicious blend of roasted and salted peanuts, cocoa gems, raisins (the star of the show), and roasted and salted almonds. How can raisins be the best thing about the mix? Just wait until the salt from the nuts mixes together with the raisins. We promise Sunburst™ will become one of your go-to snacks.

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