Kosher Snack Mixes

April 10, 2019

Kosher as a term means “fit” or “proper” and is associated with cleanliness, purity and extra supervision. Snacks are categorized as kosher pareve (neutral) products since they’re made from kosher certified ingredients that are neither meat nor dairy.

With annual sales over $40 billion, kosher food is a hugely profitable market.

There are over 12 million kosher consumers in the U.S., but only 1.3 million year round Kosher Jewish consumers. Kosher foods are becoming a choice for quality reasons in addition to religious tradition. With an overall increased awareness of food safety and preparation procedures, many health-conscious people prefer kosher products. Since these foods follow preparation guidelines from Jewish dietary laws which are based on religious principles, consumers concerned with the safety of their food are increasingly turning to kosher products as an alternative.

Truly Good Foods Kosher snack mixes, in a variety of packaging, include:

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