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March 8, 2017

As a business, employee satisfaction should always be a top consideration. Believe it or not, snacks can be a huge driver in employee engagement, motivation, and productivity. When it comes to employee perks, few things are as satisfying as free food and drinks. Not surprisingly, free food is most important to Millennials vs. other generations. Millennials are also the most likely to say they wish their employer offered more snack options. A survey by Peapod found that:

  • 66% of employees who say their office always offers free snacks report being extremely or very happy with their current job
  • 48% of employees enjoy office snacks or beverages one to four times per week
  • 56% agree they hit an afternoon slump without snacks to refuel their energy

Truly Good Foods customer Steelcase offers complimentary morning and afternoon snacks for employees. They work with our TGF team to select snacks that not only provide a perk to their employees, but also a way to get up from their desks and create intentional connections with people they don’t meet with on a daily basis.

ROI of Snacks

Yes, snacks cost money. That’s why only around 20% of offices provide free snacks and beverages. But consider this: a study by Staples found that 50% of workers left the office to get snacks at least once a day, with some people going as much as five times per day.

Financially, snacks are a small cost in a benefits package that could keep employees engaged, motivated and positive. Snacks may even lure employees to new companies: 48% of respondents said that if they were looking for a new job, they would weigh company perks, including availability of snacks, in their decision. Truly Good Foods is happy to work with your teams’ needs to create a custom snack program for your business.

Some recommended TGF products that are perfect for free employee snacks include:

  • Bulk Snack Mixes, Candy and Snacks – Bulk snacks offer a great price point and allow you to offer many different flavor options for employees to sample.
  • trEAT4u Bags – The perfect 1oz snack size with the entire line meeting a 10-point nutritional criteria.
  • Snack Bags and Mini Snack Bags – Offer a wide variety of some of our best selling products. Choose from snack mixes, dried fruit, nuts, candy & chocolate.
  • Holiday Snacks – Have fun with special occasions and seasons by ordering themed snacks.

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