Hotel Snacks

July 18, 2019

The snack game at hotels is shifting. Where at one time mini bars were the only spot to fulfill your snack craving, guests are now looking for other opportunities. Grab-n-go opportunities have become a great additional stream of revenue for hotels that also keep guests happier from not having to pay min-bar pricing. While snacking has always been an important piece of food and beverage options, the kinds of snacks guests are looking for has changed. It’s no longer about a quick salty or sweet snack. Guests now want a variety of healthy snacks, especially if they are local and protein-based. Snacks are also being used as a meal replacement in the travel & leisure industry with guests busy and on-the-go.

Here are some snack opportunities to consider at your hotel along with some of the snack options that are the best sellers for hotels:

Bar Mixes

Food Service

Banquets & Meetings


Pool and Spa

Don’t forget to also consider snacks for employee appreciation. Offering free snacks for your staff can be a huge motivator to attract new employees and keep current ones happy and hardworking. Read more about the benefits of snacks as an employee perk here.


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