Snacks for Bars

March 6, 2018

Every bar is looking for additional profit generators. Things that can increase sales nightly and keep customers returning for more. For many bars, particularly brewery taprooms, a full kitchen is not an option so they’re always looking for ways to keep their customers in the bar and not leaving in search for food. Offering snacks at your bar can be a great solution to both of these problems by bringing in additional profits and keeping your customers hanging around longer and ultimately drinking more.

Don’t know where to start when building a snack menu? We have three unique ideas that will help take your snack offerings to the next level. Try one or all to add some much needed snack profits to your bar:

How to Build a Snack Flight

Offering a snack flight to pair with your beers can be a creative and profitable addition. Learn more about our recommended snack flavors and how to pair these with your favorite beers.

How to Build a Snack Menu – $1 Scoops

Build a unique snack menu that will be a fun addition for your customers to choose from. Learn more about which snacks are best sellers and how to display them for maximum success.

How to Offer Retail Snacks

Retail snacks are an easy addition that can help to add on extra sales and keep customers longer. Learn which snacks we recommend and how to merchandise them in small spaces for big returns.


Want more general info on our bar snack mixes? Visit our Breweries page.

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