How to Build a Snack Flight

March 6, 2018

Just like a beer flight, a snack flight can be a great way to showcase your offerings with some added profit opportunities. Choose creative ways of serving the snacks that is in line with your brand and alcohol flights. Customers will enjoy the chance to snack while drinking and it will be a fun addition for them to enjoy the flavors of the beer and snacks together.

When it comes to pairing food and beer, there aren’t many strict rules that you have to follow. Overall, consider choosing snack flavors that Contrast, Complement or Cleanse. Below are some of our snack flavor pairing suggestions, but as always feel free to experiment to build your customized snack flight.



The creamy feel and flavor of a stout is a natural fit for chocolate. You can also mix it up by pairing a chocolate snack with a fruity beer for a nice contrast balance.
Recommended Chocolate Snacks: Sienna Cream Crunch, Chocolate Enticement


A Dunkelweizen-style wheat beer complements cinnamon flavors nicely.
Recommended Cinnamon Snacks: Cinnamon Pecans, Kona Coffee Krunch


Classic cheese flavors are a must in any bar. Pairing a more complex cheese mix with a hoppy IPA or Saison is a great complement to those flavors.
Recommended Cheese Snacks: The Big CheeseCapitol Crunch


A pilsner is the go-to for salty snacks, but a Helles German-style beer can add a little more dynamics to this classic flavor combo.
Recommended Salty Snacks: Mustard Pretzels, Bartender’s Blend


The refreshing flavor of light lagers are an ideal pair to spicy snacks since the crispness of the beers cuts through the spiciness for a nice balance. Wheat beers can also be a great pairing since the light flavor is a relief from the spice.
Recommended Spicy Snacks: Sweet HeatBuffalo Nuts

Snack Mixes

Most snack mixes are crunchy with a little spice and/or sweetness. Heller Bock can be a perfect choice for these snack mixes since it has a malty taste, but isn’t overpowering. It really lets the snack mix flavor shine.
Recommended Snack Mixes: Wild About Wasabi, Happy Hour Mix

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