Retail Snacks at Bars

March 6, 2018

Retail snacks are always a good option for your bar when you want the added profitability without the hassle of snack flights or menus. By offering a variety of snack bags, you can still give customers the ability to purchase food and stick around longer.

When selling packaged snacks, merchandising is key. Without much space to setup a formal rack or shelves, you should focus instead on quality packaging and flavors. You want to catch their eye and interested the customers enough to buy. For display, consider tabletop shelves that could sit in the corner of the bar or chip clips behind the bar for easy access to snacks. You could also make your own display cases with crates or barrels to showcase the snacks and keep on brand.

Recommended Retail Snacks:

Buffalo Nuts are peanuts with a kick of zesty buffalo wing flavor.

Southern Sweets start with quality nuts that are then covered with sweet coating to offer the perfect crunchy taste for a Southern summer afternoon. Available in three flavors.

Classic Collection and Artisan Blends Resealable Bags are standup snack bags full of some of our most popular snack mix flavors.

Garden Chips are all natural snack chips made from real vegetables. Available in four flavors.

Grabeez is a grab-n-go resealable cup that’s available in 15 varieties of nuts, snack mixes and candy.


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