Truly Good Foods Launches New Salad Toppings Line

October 18, 2016

Charlotte-headquartered Truly Good Foods – snack food manufacturer and distributor– unveiled their new product line My Salad Bar® at this year’s PMA Fresh Summit show in Orlando, Florida.

It’s rarely about the lettuce when you eat salads – it’s about the toppings. My Salad Bar® was designed to add extra flavor and crunch to your lunch. The line offers four flavorful and bold salad topping combinations conveniently packaged and ready to enjoy in the salad section of your produce department. Each combination has four delicious toppings to enjoy. The original variety contains walnuts, cranberries, sesame sticks and sunflower seeds. Some highlights of the other flavors include blackened pumpkin seeds, honey roasted peanuts and black bean sticks. The fourth flavor in the line is Indian Cuisine with some added spice of crispy fried lentils, spiced rice flour noodles, and fried split chickpeas.

“It was important for us to launch My Salad Bar® at a price point that would be ideal for both retailers and consumers,” said Chad Hartman, director of marketing for Truly Good Foods. “There is a high demand for quick and healthy lunch options that still have a bold flavor. We’re anticipating that My Salad Bar® will help to fit that need very nicely.”

The serving size is ideal for 2-3 salads with a SRP of $3.99.

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