As you probably know, the peanut is not actually a nut, but a legume related to beans and lentils. Studies have shown that diets higher in monounsaturated fats from peanuts and peanut butter can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Peanuts are also a good source of protein and have zero cholesterol.

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Blanched Peanuts Bulk

Sourced from some of the highest quality growers, our blanched peanuts are ideal for cooking or baking.


Available in:
130210, R/S, 25lb bulk
130220, R/NS, 25lb bulk
200670, 12/3.25oz snack bags

Buffalo Nuts® Bulk

Peanuts with a kick of zesty buffalo wing flavor. All of the buffalo wing flavor you love with none of the mess.

Available in:

130240, 10lb bulk

202561, 120/1oz bags
200410, 12/3.25oz snack bags
T208140, 12/5oz SUR bags
T289870, 12/6oz Grabeez® cups
891216, 6/10oz resealable cubes


Butter Toasted Peanuts Bulk

Also known as ale nuts, these flavorful peanuts are a delicious treat. They are coated in a glaze of butter and sugar that forms a sweet candy shell.


Available in:
130802, 25lb bulk

Butter Toffee Peanuts Bulk

Always a crowd favorite, these crunchy peanuts are coated with sweet butter toffee. They make a great snack on-the-go and are perfect for large groups.


Available in:
130810, 25lb bulk

Granulated Peanuts Bulk

Also known as chopped peanuts, these are a classic baking and topping ingredient. They can also be used in a savory stir-fry to add a delicious crunch.


Available in:
130600, 30lb bulk

Honey Roasted Peanuts Bulk

Good luck trying to eat just one of these salty snacks covered in a sweet honey coating. It’s a crunchy treat that is always a crowd favorite.


Available in:
131820, 25lb bulk

Kettle Cooked Peanuts Bulk

These peanuts are cooked in a kettle for maximum roasted and salted flavor.


Available in:
130270, R/S, 25lb bulk

Peanuts, In-Shell Bulk

A baseball classic, these jumbo peanuts are some of the freshest available. They’re a crunchy, delicious snack that are packed with protein and fiber.


Available in:
130710, R/S, 25lb bulk
130730, R/S, 36/8oz cello bags

Redskin Peanuts Bulk

These peanuts have the skin on for an added richness of flavor and classic look. They make a great protein snack on-the-go.


Available in:
130300, Raw 25lb bulk

130310, R/S 25lb bulk

Spanish Peanuts Bulk

Known for their earthy color and bold nutty flavor, Spanish peanuts have a robust taste. Naturally smaller in kernel size, these peanuts pack a powerful snacking experience.


Available in:
130405, Raw, 25lb bulk

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Contact us to become a retailer and offer the highest quality and boldest snacks to your customers.

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