Three Snacking Trends For 2015 and 2016

June 29, 2015


The Fifty, a consumer report on the varying markets around the globe released by Mintel, highlights many of the trends that experts have been hinting at for months. These trends were further reinforced at the 2015 Snacks & Sweets Expo, where consumers and brands alike gathered to discuss and display the future of the snack food industry. The main trend is the resurgence of snack foods as Americans continue to both supplement and replace meals throughout the day.

Here are some more trends that we can expect to see in the second half of 2015 and moving on into 2016:


Go Big, Go Little, or Go Home

Many snacks are introducing either “jumbo” or “miniature” versions or, in some cases, both. Brands like Wrigley and Nestlé have been quick to jump on this trend by featuring mini-versions of many of their signature products – which follows in-step with the recent trend of consumers desiring smaller indulgences. While cost-efficient consumers will no doubt enjoy the savings they experience in getting the “mega” versions, more health-conscious or guilt-ridden consumers can feel better buying the mini versions of their favorite treats.

Extend Your Brand

In both sweet and savory categories, many brands are capitalizing on the success of non-direct competitors and previous products to introduce new collaborative products. Gum brands like Stride and Trident are pairing with gummy candy brands like Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish to tap into undiscovered markets and boost the declining gum category. Restaurants like TGI Fridays are adding to their restaurant-branded snack selection with their Happy Hour Snack Mixes, in resealable packaging.

Natural Born Fillers

Capitalizing on the rise in health-conscious snacking, many manufacturers are promoting the use of natural ingredients. According to data gathered by Mintel, nearly one-quarter of non-chocolate confectionary users in the United States claim that natural ingredients are an important characteristic to consider while purchasing. In February, Nestlé began steps toward removing artifical flavors and coloring from their products, both chocolate and non-chocolate.


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