Best Truly Good Foods Snacks By Occasion

May 25, 2015

Summertime is right around the corner, and that means a busy schedule full of parties, beach vacations and sporting events. Below are some of the best Truly Good Foods’ snack products for each summertime event.

The Beach

Nothing says “summer” quite like relaxing on the beach, soaking up the sun and listening to the waves crash against the sand. However, snacking while lying in the sand can be quite the hassle. The best beach snacks are those that come in easy-to-handle, resealable packages, which means that consumers will value convenience over anything. For that reason, try stocking some Grabeez resealable cups. Grabeez cups are small, resealable and contain some of our best signature snack mixes – like our fan favorite Sunburst mix. The roasted peanuts and almonds are great for a quick burst of energy while the sweet chocolate gems and raisins provide consumers just enough of a savory, sweet flavor to cut the edge from all of the sand and saltwater.

Backyard Barbecue

Another staple of summertime is the backyard barbecue. As we mentioned earlier, backyard barbecues are perfect venues for Truly Good Foods products – from our Mango Tango snack mix to signature line of Buffalo Nuts. For some more in-depth insights on which Truly Good Foods products to stock for barbecues, check out this article.

Movie Binge

One of the best summer events isn’t necessarily even an event at all – the movie/TV show binge. Sometimes the best activity is doing nothing but sitting down on your couch and watching an entire season of your favorite TV show on Netflix. While consumers are indulging in their favorite show, they’ll likely look to indulge in a sweet, rich treat as well. With that in mind, try stocking some of Truly Good Foods’ yogurt covered pretzels. With chocolate, key lime, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, Greek and regular yogurt flavors, there’s plenty of options.

Sporting Event

Summer is a sports fan’s dream. The Major League Baseball season is in full swing, Major League Soccer is just hitting its stride, the National Basketball Association and National Hockey League are in the postseason, the NASCAR season is gearing up and the National Football League has training camps starting for their upcoming fall season. There are plenty of events for even the most casual of sports fan to choose from – and sporting events mean snacking. Try carrying some rich, hearty snacks that fans can enjoy while watching their favorite teams or race car drivers. Our specialty line of Buffalo Nuts is the perfect snack for sporting events – they taste exactly like buffalo chicken wings, yet have none of the mess that comes with actual buffalo wings.

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