A Nutty Celebration

Exciting news… National Almond and Pistachio Day are just around the corner! As your trusted partner in premium snacks, Truly Good Foods is excited to bring you a nutty celebration that will leave a lasting impression.


National Almond Day is February 16th!

Celebrate with a handful of heart-healthy goodness! Our premium almonds are packed with essential nutrients like antioxidants, vitamin E, and magnesium, promoting heart health and providing a satisfying crunch.

Natural Raw Almonds are available in:

  • Item #110435 (Carmel, 50lb Bulk)
  • Item #110005 (Supreme 50lb Bulk)
  • Item #110000 (Supreme, 50lb Bulk)
  • Item #203005 (24/3.25oz Snack Bags)
  • Item #211110 (24/1oz Treat4U Bags)
  • Item #212110 (120/1oz Treat4U Bags)


National Pistachio Day is February 26th!

Indulge in the celebration of Pistachio Day! Our pistachios not only offer a deliciously unique flavor but also come loaded with health benefits. Packed with protein, fiber, and essential nutrients, these green gems contribute to lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Pistachios are available in:

  • Item #182150 (25lb Bulk)
  • Item #182550 (Shelled, Raw, 25lb Bulk)
  • Item #182561 (Shelled, R/S, 10lb Bulk)
  • Item #182571 (Shelled, R/NS, 10lb Bulk)