Personalized Holiday Gift Basket Ideas

December 19, 2023

Personalized Holiday Gift Basket Ideas

For anyone who has ever asked themselves; “What on earth do I buy them for the holidays?”, Truly Good Foods has you covered. The holidays are all about joy, love, and delicious treats, so this year why not consider gifting your loved ones personalized gift baskets?


For some reason gift baskets get a bad reputation for being an impersonal gift, but here at Truly Good Foods we believe that they are the perfect way to show how much you care. When gifting a personalized gift basket, you show how much you really know a person. From the aesthetic to the content, personalized gift baskets allow you to pull from a diverse range of items that can really speak to the person you are gifting.


With the help of Truly Good Foods and their wide array of manufactured products, you’ll never have to worry about that difficult person on your holiday shopping list again. Keep reading to see how you can create thoughtful and personalized gift baskets with some of Truly Good Foods’ best-selling items!

Charcuterie Aficionado 


This person on your list appreciates the finer things. Whether it is cured meats, robust cheeses, or savory veggies, they typically enjoy finger food that can be shared communally. So, after you have found the perfect display board, cheese knives, and deli items, it is time to choose the perfect legume. That is where Truly Good Foods comes in. One of our most popular scandalously spicy snacks, Henrietta Said™, is the perfect final touch to complete your gift basket. With four mouthwatering flavors, Ancho Kimchi, Lemon Pepper, Nashville Hot Chicken, and Original Buffalo, your recipient will be eternally grateful.


Check out CLT.Remedy’s Henrietta Said inspired charcuterie board

Charcuterie Board

Sports Fan


During this time of year sports fans are either ecstatic or deflated, regarding the state of their beloved team. No matter the situation, your favorite fanatic values convenience and tradition. So, a personalized gift basket with a cooler, team jersey, insulated cup, and beverage of choice is a great start, but you’ll want to make sure to include a snack that they can enjoy for the duration of the game. That is where Truly Good Foods comes up big in the clutch, we have an amazing assortment of snack mixes that can brighten up any gameday. The fan favorite is our Bartenders Blend™, one taste of this snack mix and your personalized gift basket recipient will be transported to their favorite place watching their team crush the competition.

Gameday Food

Wine Lover


This person on your list has an extremely particular palate. Quite possibly your most difficult person to buy for, a personalized gift basket will make them feel very appreciated. Shimmering wine glasses, a top-notch bottle opener, and some full-bodied bottles may seem like enough, but they also may be expecting a snack product to help bring out the wine’s various aromas. Nothing complements fresh wine more than chocolate, fruit, and nuts. Lucky for you, one of Truly Good Foods’ best sellers contains all three. Our ReCharge® Dark Chocolate Energy Boost is the perfect pairing for any glass and will allow your recipient to indulge responsibly.

Wine and Chocolate on a Vineyard

Hostess With The Mostess


Hosting people for get-togethers, parties, and shindigs can sometimes feel like a thankless job, so this holiday season give your favorite “hostess with the mostess” a present they will never forget, a personalized gift basket. Making sure to fill it with monogrammed napkins, hand-dipped candles, and vintage serving dishes will melt any great host’s heart, but if you also include the perfect after dinner treat to bring the whole gift basket together, it will make it priceless. The perfect finishing touch to this gift is Truly Good Foods’ Why Knots? Flavored Pretzel Bags. With six fantastic flavors to choose from; Blueberry, Chocolate, Key Lime, Raspberry, Strawberry, and Yogurt, you can’t go wrong.

Hosting A Dinner Party

Road Tripper


This person is someone who is not intimidated by long car rides and enjoys the simple pleasures in life, which makes them relatively difficult to shop for. On top of camping gear, gas card, and insulated cooler, their personalized gift basket will need to be filled with satisfying snacks for their travels. Thankfully Truly Good Foods manufactures snacks that are perfect for someone constantly on the go. So, you will want to make sure to finish this gift basket off with our one-of-a-kind Grabeez® Cups. Available in 19 varieties of nuts, snack mixes, and candy that provide copious amounts of energy, you will be able to keep this recipient going until next holiday season.

Road Trip

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