Wasabi Peas: The Perfect Combination Of Crunch & Spice

September 19, 2023

Wasabi Peas: The Perfect Combination Of Crunch & Spice

Explore The World Of Wasabi With Truly Good Foods


With deep ties to Japan dating back to the 8th century, these spicy snacks have created a cult following. From the 1980s on, these snacks have made their way across the world and have rooted themselves into American culture. The combination of the marrowfat peas and Japanese horseradish are hard to put down. Truly Good Foods noticed this trend and wanted to find a way to create an even better product with their SQF, Kosher, and organic production facilities. The second-generation family-owned business set out to create a snack with unique flavor and texture in every bite. This endeavor led to Truly Good Foods Wasabi Peas being a top choice for consumers nationwide as a delightful alternative to unhealthy snack options, while also offering a fiery and flavor packed eating experience.

Wasabi Peas

Spice With Surprising Health Benefits


In addition to their exceptional flavor, wasabi peas are also a reasonably healthy snack. They provide the consumer with protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. The protein and fiber packed peas help keep the consumer fuller longer, as well as provide ample amounts of energy. Then on top of that, the Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Iron contribute to long-term overall health. This powerful combination can help balance any meal.

Wasabi Peas

More Than Just A Great Snack


Truly Good Foods Wasabi Peas have so many real-life applications. Our entire family of wasabi products can be enjoyed alone or as accoutrements. Some of the most popular applications are during happy hour alongside craft beers & fruity wine, on salad bars as tasty toppers, and on the go in travel/leisure lounges.


Truly Good Foods Wasabi Peas are perfect for busy professionals, fitness enthusiasts, and/or anyone who wants to make smarter snacking choices. Stock up with Truly Good Foods to enhance your office pantries, corporate events, community snack bars, children’s school lunches, friendly golf outings, family beach trips, long hikes, and much more.

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