Healthy Habits Start With Nutritious Salad Toppings

September 19, 2023

Healthy Habits Start With Nutritious Salad Toppings

Delicious, Cost-Effective Lunchtime Meal


America is still seeing a rise in high calorie and high fat meals provided by many of the country’s largest food providers. This is leading more people to consider healthier alternatives, such as packing their own lunches rather than eating out. One of the most popular packed lunches is salad. Salad is an appealing lunch meal because it can include a wide variety of items, various flavor combinations, and allow anyone to feel like a professional chef building the meal of their dreams. This lovely lunch option allows consumers to save money and eat healthier. The days of greasy and unhealthy meals are coming to an end with the help of Truly Good Foods.


Satisfy Your Customer’s Taste Buds


Whether it is nuts, seeds, dried fruit, or snack mixes Truly Good Foods has exactly what your customers are craving. Don’t wait to capitalize on healthy trends, be a first mover and complement your current salad offerings with our robust family of products.  Our options are endless. There are numerous combinations that can elevate a client’s salad bar.




High in unsaturated fats and the ability to decrease “bad cholesterol”, nuts are a perfect salad topper. They can help add a bit of crunch, pop of flavor, and increase enjoyment.




Similar to nuts, seeds offer so many benefits. From valuable nutrients to bursts of flavors, topping salads with them can make someone feel like they are enjoying Michelin Star meals. Their uses don’t end there, they also go great in homemade dressings.


Dried Fruit:


If your consumers are looking to add a bit of sweetness, vital nutrients/minerals, and texture to their salads, look no further than dried fruit. With more flavor and less fat, dried fruit is a great alternative to bacon bits and oily croutons. Dried fruit also pairs incredibly well with salad favorites; cheese, lemon juice, olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette, and apple cider vinaigrette.


Snack Mixes:


For the more adventurous salad makers out there sometimes singular ingredients just don’t cut it. To give your consumers the ultimate burst of flavor consider one of our many snack mixes to add to your salad bar. Customers will love the various flavor profiles they can use in their next dish.

Salad Bar

Limitless Opportunity With Truly Good Foods


There are an infinite number of opportunities when filling your salad bar with Truly Good Foods products. The combinations your consumers will be able to construct are endless. Get ready to witness high amounts of creativity inside and outside your kitchen. Check out our full list of products to start making lunchtime more delicious.

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