Gummy Worms: A Flavorful Tasty Treat

September 19, 2023

Gummy Worms: A Flavorful Tasty Treat

Gummy Worms History At A Glance


Since the early 1900s the world has been enamored with gummy candy concepts. Companies have been testing the limits when shaping these products. Bears, sharks, fruits, rings, you name it, they have tried it. It is hard to believe that it took until 1981 for a company to design a gummy in the shape of a worm. Trolli saw an opportunity to make a gummy candy in a shape that gave kids something gross to play with, something fun to eat, and something mildly shocking for parents to see. This invention also gave gummy manufacturers the opportunity to bring a product to market that was a combination of 2-3 flavors, allowing for more creativity in the production process.

Gummy Worms

Evolution Of Gummy Worms


Trolli may have been the originator of this tasty treat, but 30+ years later the product is still evolving. Most manufacturers like to put their own twist on the sugary snack, whether it is dusting them in sour powder or even making them vegan and producing them without gelatin. However, no matter the production process or flavor one application has remained the same, being used in one of the most popular kid-friendly desserts: “worms and dirt”. “Worms and dirt” is still an immensely popular dessert and helps give gummy worms even more real-life applications.

Worms In Dirt

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