Banana Chips: The Most A-PEELING Snack Around

September 19, 2023

Banana Chips: The Most A-PEELING Snack Around

The Truly Good Foods Banana Chip Difference


Consumers are in a constant search for snack options that combine great taste and great benefits. Being that bananas are produced in more than 100 countries; it is easy to see why banana chips are a beloved snack in many cultures around the world. The love for Truly Good Foods Banana Chips is no different, they have become a popular snack of choice for consumers around the country. Truly Good Foods’ manufacturing process in their SQF, Kosher, and organic production facilities has become synonymous with snacking industry excellence. Each step in the process helps create a unique flavor and texture in every bite. Truly Good Foods Banana Chips aren’t just fried slices of ripe bananas, they are a delightful alternative to unhealthy snack options, like potato chips, that offer a sweet, crunchy, and flavorful eating experience.

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Take A Step In The RIPE Direction


Anyone can make a delicious snack, but it is a true art form to make a mouth-watering product that also has a multitude of health benefits. A true all-in-one item, Truly Good Foods Banana Chips provide flavor, texture, and nutritional value. They are an excellent energy boosting snack, contain vitamins B6 & C, and provide a healthy dose of dietary fiber. On top of the benefits of the banana chip itself, bananas have antibiotic properties to help fight off infections and viruses. Bananas have even been seen to be useful in the treatment of goiters, which are enlargements of the thyroid gland.


There are also real-world benefits to using bananas in snack foods. Bananas as an ingredient helps reduce food waste greatly. Up to 40% of bananas don’t make it beyond the farm because they aren’t the right size or color. Truly Good Foods wanted to combat that statistic, so they created a variety of tasty treats that would delight consumers, while also decreasing negative effects on the planet.


No matter your motive, the premium ingredients, health benefits, variety of flavors, and quality assurance will elevate your snacking and your constituents’ snacking. Truly Good Foods Banana Chips provide an experience that bridges the gap between health, sustainability, and indulgence.  Next time you or one of your constituents are in need of a satisfying snack, consider treating yourself or them to the best banana chips on the market.

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