Albanese Gummy Bears: Perfect For Any Occasion

September 19, 2023

Albanese Gummy Bears: Perfect For Any Occasion

The Gummy Bear Necessities


Throughout the decades, candy has played a prominent role in the food and beverage industry. However, it was not until the 1960s that we really saw a candy explosion. Chocolate took over the 60’s, jelly beans grabbed hold of the 70’s, then gummies absorbed the 80’s & 90’s. After seeing the craze that gummy bears were creating amongst the masses, Albanese® decided to change the game.


Albanese®, one of the world’s top producers of gummies, and one of Truly Good Foods’ greatest partners, saw an opportunity to invent a technology that could generate greater flavor release from gelatins. Nearly a decade later this intuitive invention led to the 2020 release of the world-renowned Ultimate™ 8 flavor Gummi Bears™, changing the world of gummy products forever.

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Create A Sweet Workplace


Truly Good Foods is a one stop snack solution. We offer some of the newest and most popular distributed products to complete our well-rounded snack catalog. Truly Good Foods is a trusted partner for Healthcare, Travel, Hospitality/Lodging, B&I, Grocery/Retail, Education, and more.


When you have an office pantry, community snack bar, or break room that includes our Gummy Bears (Albanese) – 10lb box product you will set your workplace apart from the competition. Clients, coworkers, and customers will be ecstatic to be able to enjoy some of the tastiest gummy bears in the market. These top-quality sweet snacks from Albanese® Candy offer 12 flavors, so there will be a favorite for everyone. This product is perfect for businesses big and small.

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