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December 30, 2021

If there’s one New Year’s resolution that never seems to go away, it’s weight loss. If losing those extra pounds makes your list every year, maybe deprivation is the culprit. Self-discipline is admirable, but attempting to skip snacking altogether may be sabotaging your weight-loss efforts.

Stay Satisfied with Fiber and Protein

While mindless or emotional snacking can create roadblocks, eating small amounts of healthy protein can tide you over until your next meal. Protein and fiber are satisfying, so you’re less likely to overeat at your next meal or binge-snack because eating empty carbs (or not eating between meals at all) just isn’t doing the trick.

Plan to Snack

Make it easy to eat filling, tasty snacks all day long by preparing them in advance. If you’ve always thought beef jerky and meat sticks were the only protein-rich snacks you could eat on the go, think again. Nuts are highly portable and make a great alternative to highly processed, greasy snacks. They also offer the crunch that makes them a popular salad-topping choice.

Trick your Brain

You’re also likelier to feel rewarded after a snack you can eat in multiples. That’s why we enjoy popcorn at the movies or peanuts at a ball game; eating several of one thing feels truly indulgent. Portion control is easy, too. Just bag your favorite nut in advance to form small servings of 150 calories each — the number of calories many experts consider ideal in a snack.

Nutty Indulgences

Try 15 to 16 raw hazelnuts or 25 dry-roasted peanuts for an easy, hearty snack. Almonds aren’t just delicious; they also offer 15 percent of your daily fiber requirement and just 164 calories in a serving of 24 nuts. Substitute pecans for potato chips; you’ll get all the flavor, plus fiber and protein, minus the bloat-inducing sodium.

New Snacking Habits for a New You

Planning nutritious, filling snacks in advance is the best way to maintain a healthy eating routine. Make your weight-loss plan easier and more enjoyable by keeping blood levels stable and preventing binges. Protein, fiber and healthy fats keep cravings at bay and make long-term weight-loss seem more doable. Whether you have five pounds or a great deal more to lose, eating a pre-measured serving of nuts every couple of hours between meals offers a great way to help you stay on track.

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