13 Fun Facts about Halloween Candy

October 29, 2021

We all know that the best houses are the ones that give out full-size candy bars, but did you know these 13 facts about Halloween candy?

2 Days – the amount of time children would have to play to burn off the calories in their Halloween candy haul (I mean, after the Mom/Dad candy tax is paid).

1600 – how many pieces of candy a standard pillowcase can hold.

169 – the number of sugar cubes equal to the amount of sugar in Halloween candy

7 – the number of states that rank Skittles as the top-selling Halloween candy

6 – how many months ahead Hershey starts Halloween candy production

$3 billion – the amount of money Americans are projected to spend on Halloween candy in 2021

49% – the percentage of people who like candy corn

35 million – the number of pounds of candy corn produced each year

300,000 – how many tons of candy sold during the average Halloween season, per Vox

70% – people who said chocolate was their favorite type of Halloween candy

90 million – pounds of chocolate during Halloween week

4.25 – According to Mental Floss, if all the candy corn pieces purchased during Halloween were laid end to end, they would circle the Earth 4.25 times.

172 million – Americans who celebrate Halloween (and 95% of them will purchase candy)


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