Best Selling Why Knots? Flavors

August 6, 2020

Why Knot snack a little sweeter?

Why Knots? are salty pretzels covered in sweet and tangy coating. The line is Kosher Dairy certified, made with no artificial ingredients and all flavors are low sodium. They are naturally flavored and colored by ingredients like beet root juice and turmeric. They’re available in stand up resealable bags for easy snacking and are line priced with a SRP of $2.99. Why Knots? fulfill both sweet and salty cravings, making them the ultimate snack with a tangy twist. We’re sharing our rankings of best selling flavors to help you choose your favorites.

The line features seven colorful flavors:

#1 Best Seller: Chocolate Pretzels

A classic sweet and salty snack, Chocolate Pretzels offer the saltiness of the pretzel with smooth chocolate coating.


#2: Strawberry Yogurt Pretzels

The juicy taste of a strawberry in a salty snack. Strawberry Yogurt Pretzels taste just like the real strawberries with an added crunch.


#3: Greek Yogurt Pretzels

Opa! This tangy snack is always a great choice.Greek Yogurt Pretzels are a better-for-you snack option that are a great afternoon pick-me-up.


#4: Blueberry Yogurt Pretzels

You’ll swear you’re eating a fresh blueberry. Blueberry Yogurt Pretzels taste exactly like the real thing with an added crunch.


#5: Key Lime Yogurt Pretzels

Ready to feel transported to summer in the Keys? Key Lime Yogurt Pretzels taste exactly like a key lime pie with the tangy sweet key lime flavor balanced out with the salty pretzel.


#6: Yogurt Pretzels

A tangy sweet flavor to the salty pretzel for a match made in snack heaven. Yogurt Pretzels have a smooth finish with an added crunch.


#7: Raspberry Yogurt Pretzels

It’ll feel like summer all year round with this fruity snack. Raspberry Yogurt Pretzels taste exactly like a fresh raspberry with an added crunch.


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