New Packaged Snacks

July 1, 2020

When it comes to times of health crisis, consumers need extra assurance that their favorite snacks are safe to eat. Demand for packaged snacks, particularly single-serve products, has surged these past few months and we have a wide variety of packaging options for you to choose from.

1-2oz Snacks

Our smallest single-serve packaging offers seven better-for-you flavors in our 1oz trEAT4u line, a variety of mini snack bag flavors and a couple of our Snack Treasures. These portion-controlled sizes are easily merchandised and a great grab-and-go option.
See all 1-2oz snack options.


3-5oz Snacks

Our most popular size for packaged snacks, these can be enjoyed as a single-serve snack or safely resealed for later. Choose from snack bags, mini cubes, Southern Sweets or Snack Treasures. We are also introducing new packaging for ReCharge, Grabeez cups, Buffalo Nuts, Why Knots?, and Truly Good bags!
See all 3-5oz snack options.


6-14oz Snacks

A larger snack option, our resealable cubes and new standup Truly Good bags offer a way to snack again and again. They are also a great option for families to share and merchandise well on shelves.
See all 6-14oz snack options.

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