Brewery Snacks

August 29, 2019

Snacks and alcohol have been a perfect match since the dawn of bars. Pairing well with a variety of beverages, salty snacks often kept the bar dwellers in seats longer and ordering more drinks. Today though, bar customers aren’t as eager to share a free bowl of snacks that lots of strangers have had their hands in. Instead, customers are willing and even asking to purchase snacks at the bar and customize an assortment of salty and sweet treats to pair with their beverages.

With the amount of independent U.S. breweries growing more than 92% in just the last five years, breweries are now as popular as your local bar. Snacks are the perfect match for beers and can be a great additional profit generator for breweries.

As a snack partner to breweries, here are a few of our favorite ways to use snacks for success:

Build a Snack Menu with Bulk Snacks

A lot of breweries don’t have kitchens so they’re looking for extra profit generators in addition to the occasional food truck. We’ve seen success with selling our bulk snack mixes for them to serve by the scoop. They can buy a variety of snack mixes to store in glass jars behind the bar and then have a snack menu at a $1 per scoop. These can be served in disposable paper boats or nice ceramic containers with multiple trays.

Even breweries with full kitchens can create a Late Night Snack Menu to be used for food options after the kitchen closes.

Offer Packaged Snacks

If you’re not interested in bulk, our retail bags can be the perfect fit. Add a bold snack to your bar offerings and increase drink sales. Our new Buffalo Nuts 1oz are a great option or our Buffalo Nuts SUR bags. Snack bags can also add some nice variety.


Use as an Ingredient

Quality beers need quality ingredients. We have a wide variety of the best nuts and dried fruit that can help bring your flavor to the next level.


Download our Brewery Snacks flyer for more info on our best selling snacks for breweries.

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