Maximizing Minimal Retail Space

August 13, 2019

As retail stores continue to compete with the internet and there are more snack brands than ever shuffling for shelf space, merchandising is key. Even more difficult? Maximizing your retail location for sales when you have minimal space to work with.

Here are 4 easy ways for retailers to maximize a minimal space:


It’s All in the Details

You would think that smaller retail spaces would be easier to set up and organize, but managers often fail to use every part of their small spaces to the best possible advantage. Make sure you are placing items that are best sellers at the front and center areas of your store and, as the waves of your merchandise’s popularity ebbs and flows, so too should your store layout. Along with best sellers, feature seasonal displays and a steady wave of new products near the front. Simply shifting the more profitable items to the forefront of your customers’ lines of sight can bump up your sales margins by a significant amount.


Think Outside the Shelves

Even though shelving is an easy and simple way to maximize small retail spaces, you can definitely get more creative with your displays closer to or on the walls. Consider smaller racks that can be moved easily, cork board to hang snack bags on or baskets on counter tops.

Placing your snacks on different vertical levels instead of spreading them out across horizontal shelves is a great way to display products without cluttering up too much space too. Just make sure products can still be reached easily and it doesn’t become too messy or overstocked.


Light It Up

Lighting is important in all storefronts, but especially so in the case of retail when you’re selling food. Lighting is key when your store is on the smaller side too. Retail experts say that if even one small corner of the shop is not properly lit up, that space may as well not exist and customers are unlikely to approach areas that are not well lit.


Curate Your Space

Make sure your space is specially curated and your product offerings are uniquely highlighted. Customers who walk in and see a replication of every other retail store will be less likely to browse longer and return.

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