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June 13, 2019

After realizing the many Benefits of Buying Bulk, the next steps are thinking about the best ways to merchandise bulk nuts, dried fruit and snacks at your retail location.

Shelf space is a precious commodity, especially for smaller retail stores. Bulk gives the ability to sell the products in a variety of different formats to utilize the space available. Bulk products can be stored in space-saving scoop bins and gravity feed dispensers that can hold a wide range of items.

Gravity feed dispensers particularly ensure freshness of product through their first in/first out dispensers and refill process. They also offer portion control to further reduce waste which allows more actual product to be sold to the customer, at profit margins of 40% – 50%.

You can also repackage your bulk snacks to have grab-n-go options for customers. They can easily be packed in clear plastic bags and displayed on tables or shelves. You could add your own branded label to these bags to increase your customer experience and rotate a variety of flavors. Just keep in mind that bagged items require more labels than dispensers or scoop bins.

Our bulk mixes and nuts are some of our top selling items.  Why do our customers love to buy bulk from us? Here are three of the top reasons:

  1. Bulk gives customers a chance to spotlight unique and superior quality snack mixes that help to reinforce their own quality brand positioning.
  2. We offer a much broader assortment of bulk nuts & seeds, mixes, and dried fruits than most. Customers are able to fulfill all of their bulk needs from one source.
  3. Our bulk items are competitively priced for wholesale so the customer is able to increase their margins and profits.

Interested in what snack mixes, candy and nuts sells best in bulk? Here are our Best Selling Bulk Snacks. 

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