Top 10 Snack Trends from Sweets & Snacks Show

May 30, 2019

The biggest show for the snack and candy industry was last week in Chicago. This yearly gathering brings together the leaders in the industry to showcase innovation and discuss new trends. We’re sharing the Top 10 Snack Trends for 2019, presented by Innova Market Insights.

1. Discovery: The Adventurous Consumer

New flavors, global-inspired flavors, unexpected flavor combos, and visual (glow-in-the-dark) snacks top the charts. Consumers want an interesting snacking experience and the bar will continue to be raised in the coming year.


2. The Plant Kingdom

Healthier choices abound with emphasis on veggie snacks. Mushroom snacks continue to be a large trend with new innovation at this year’s show.


3. Alternatives to All

Feeding off the plant-based desire, alternative proteins continue to dominate. With health being the biggest driver, there were lots of new vegan products and alternative sugar snacks also showed growth.


4. Green Appeal

With the growing concern about waste and pollution, sustainability initiatives are becoming more mainstream. Expect to see lots more sustainable and compostable packaging this year.


5. Snacking: The Definitive Occasion

Meals continue to be replaced by snacks, especially with younger generations.


6. Eating for Me

Specialized diets are becoming more popular every day and snacks are meeting those needs with highlighted products that support Keto, Plant-Based, High Protein, Paleo and Vegan.


7. A Fresh Look at Fiber

Although it’s not as glamorous as protein, fiber is gaining strength has a nutritional benefit needed in snacks. Consumers recognize the importance of fiber for digestive health, weight management and energy.


8. I Feel Good

Snackers are looking for the tastes they love, but guilt-free. Portion-control has helped them be able to indulge in managed sizes.


9. Small Player Mindset

The local and smaller brand stories still have importance with social mission-based companies still in the spotlight. Even large corporations are developing incubator programs to test innovative products and initiatives.


10. Connected to the Plate

Consumers still want transparency into the ingredients and they want to feel good about what they are buying and eating.


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