Top 5 Consumer Snack Trends

May 28, 2019

At the Sweets & Snacks Show in Chicago last week, the leading experts in the snack industry met to discuss what’s next in snack trends. We’re sharing the Top 5 Consumer Snack Trends from Mintel.


1. It’s not just the taste

Colors, texture, aroma, dynamic shape and appearance are what’s being spotlighted in snacks now. 64% of consumers consider these attributes important and are looking for that “Instagrammable” snack to share.


2. Every snack should tell a story

Consumers want to know everything about a snack. Where; it’s sourced, how it’s made and the path to get to them. Nostalgia is still a strong emotion when it comes to snacks and 29% of salty snack eaters enjoy the same snack they did as a kid.


3. If the snack could tell OUR story, that would be a bonus

It’s all about personalization and customization. Snacks continue to innovate new ways to personalize the experience for consumers and give them a unique option.


4. Balance is key for snacking

While snackers want healthy options, 85% agree it is OK to indulge occasionally. Portion-control is key with the size of the snack mattering more than calorie count.


5. Any time is snack time and everything is a snack

69% of consumers agree that anything can be a snack with 76% snacking in the morning, 93% in the afternoon and 84% in the evening.


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