2018 Company Highlights

December 14, 2018

2018 has been a year of exciting developments for Truly Good Foods. As 2019 approaches, we wanted to revisit and share some of the highlights from this past year. A huge thank you to all of our customers and staff for making this such a great year!


New Snack Mixes – Buffalo Stampede and Key Lime Crunch 

We launched two new flavorful snack mixes to join our existing 60+ options. Buffalo Stampede is a smoky and spicy snack mix that features Buffalo Nuts and Guacamole Bites and Key Lime Crunch takes a trip down South with sweet and tangy flavors.


New Retail Additions – Key Lime Pretzels Snack Treasures, Veggie Cubes Garden Chips, and Buffalo Nuts 1oz bag

Some of our most popular snacks have a new look after they were added to new packaging. Our Key Lime Pretzels can now be found in the Snack Treasures line of retail gifts, Veggie Cubes are available in packaging for the first time in our resealable Garden Chips trays and our popular Buffalo Nuts can now be enjoyed in a portion-control 1oz bag.


New Mini Cubes line + New Resealable Cube flavors

Our new Mini Cubes were created for customers looking for snacks for their stores that offer a range of portion-controlled flavors, are easily stackable and show the product fully in clear packaging. With nutritional value an important consideration, we launched Mini Cubes with 6 healthier options with no artificial ingredients that include nuts, dried fruit and snack mixes. These pair with 6 additional flavors of snack mixes and candy which are more on the indulgent side.

Our larger Resealable Cubes offer an easy way to enjoy some of our most popular snacks again and again. We added 12 new flavors to our bestselling line and these new additions include snack mixes, candy and nuts.


National Sales & Marketing Conference

We honored our sales teams from all TGF locations at this year’s National Sales & Marketing Conference in Charlotte, NC. This includes over 80 people from our seven operating centers (Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Memphis, Orlando, Reno and Washington D.C.). In addition to sales & marketing conference sessions, there were big winners honored at our awards dinner. This year’s winners were:

  • True Grit Award: Demonstrating fortitude, determination and spunk to overcome setbacks and achieve success.
    • Tammy Esquivel, Dallas and Cathy Welch, Atlanta
  • Rookie of the Year: 
    • Morgan Dean, Dallas
  • Sales Associate of the Year:
    • Shelby Winters, Reno
  • Territory Manager of the Year: 
    • Gar Perkins, Atlanta
  • Operating Center of the Year:
    • Reno
  • Treasure Chest Bingo Winner:
    • Stefanie Toler and Ashley Reese, Atlanta


2018 Crop Walk 

We had a great time at the Charlotte CROP Hunger Walk this year. The largest CROP walk in the country, the Charlotte walk takes place each Fall as a part of a nationwide endeavor to raise money to alleviate hunger and poverty in this country and overseas. Since its first walk in 1978, Charlotte has raised almost $8 million to relieve hunger and help those in need. Truly Good Foods has been a proud sponsor of the Crop Walk for over 10 years and it is the culmination of a year of different charity work we do as an organization.


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