Snack Mix All Stars

September 18, 2018

We’ve been creating fresh, high-quality snack mixes for more than 40 years. With over 60 unique blends that are blended fresh daily, there is a perfect snack mix for every business. With so many to choose from though, we often have customers ask which are the most popular snack mixes. We’re sharing our top 3 bestselling bulk snack mixes in some popular flavor categories:

Top 3 Salty & Savory Mixes:

  1. Bartender’s Blend
  2. The Big Cheese
  3. French Quarter Blend



Top 3 Sweet Mixes:

  1. Sunburst
  2. Blueberry Thrill
  3. Sweet Tooth


Top 3 Bold & Spicy Mixes:

  1. Sweet Heat
  2. Cajun Harvest
  3. Wild About Wasabi



Top 3 Nut & Fruit Mixes:

  1. Perfectly Fit
  2. California Mix
  3. Pep in your Step


Learn more about all of our TGF snack mixes.

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