How to Build your Snack Program

September 12, 2018

It’s no secret that snacking occasions can mean big business. Snack sales are projected to be $200 billion by 2020, and snacking is growing by 5% annually to account for 50% of all eating occasions.

As a purchaser though, the wide variety of snacks available can be overwhelming. When you’re building your snack program, how can you ensure you have the right assortment that satisfies each of your customer’s tastes and preferences? We recommend looking at two important criteria: Types of Snackers and Snack Occasions.

We like to separate consumers into three different snack profiles: Indulgent Snackers, Bold Snackers and Healthy Snackers. Within those profiles, they are primarily looking for snacks to replace meals, keep their energy up, provide nourishment or provide an indulgence. To find the most well-rounded assortment to support all snackers, we’re sharing our 20 retail items that satisfy almost every consumer snacking occasion.

Indulgent Snackers

51% of snackers are indulgent-seeking. These consumers are most likely to reach for indulgent snacks, usually on the sweet side. They do enjoy trying new flavors, but they tend to be on the rich side.

Recommended Snacks:

Southern Sweets

Flavored Pretzel Bags

Banana Split Grabeez

Sour Neon Worms Grabeez

Kona Coffee Krunch Cube

Peach Rings Mini Cube

Chocolate Peanuts Snack Bag


Bold Snackers

16% of adults consider themselves adventurous snackers. These consumers are drawn to bold flavors and textures, especially in salty snacks. They are the most likely to adopt new flavors and snacks.

Recommended Snacks:

Buffalo Nuts

Firecracker Hot & Spicy Grabeez

Happy Hour Mix Cube

Smoked Almonds Cube

Mango Tango SUR Bag

Sweet Heat SUR Bag


Healthy Snackers

35% of snackers consider themselves healthy snackers. These consumers look for simple ingredients and snacks with clean labels. They are more health conscious and likely to seek out specific nutritional claims.

Recommended Snacks:



York’s Harvest Garden Chips

Healthy Trails Mix Grabeez

Banana Chips Mini Cube

Perfectly Fit Cube

Pistachios Snack Bag

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