For the Love of Bulk

September 5, 2018

From the beginning, our roots have been built on bulk. Our company was founded in the 1970’s by Gerald and Betty York at a time when bulk nuts, snacks and trail mixes were very popular for consumers. It was a cost effective way to enjoy your favorite snacks and sample new flavors. Flash forward 40+ years and we’re seeing a resurgence of bulk popularity and consumer interest in nuts in general.

Our snack mixes are top of the line in quality, created and mixed by experts. We make over 60 different varieties of snack mixes in a broad range of shapes, textures and delicious flavors. It’s all the result of our targeted research, product development and manufacturing processes. We have our pulse on new consumer trends and we use this insight and snack mix expertise to create innovative and unique bulk snacks. We also perform all our snack mix blending right onsite, ensuring every batch is mixed to perfection.

Our bulk mixes and nuts are some of our top selling items.  Why do our customers love to buy bulk from us? Here are some of the top reasons:

  1. Bulk gives customers a chance to spotlight unique and superior quality snack mixes that help to reinforce their own quality brand positioning.
  2. We offer a much broader assortment of bulk nuts & seeds, mixes, and dried fruits than most. Customers are able to fulfill all of their bulk needs from one source.
  3. Our bulk items are competitively priced for wholesale so the customer is able to increase their margins and profits.


Interested in what snack mixes, candy and nuts sells best in bulk? Here are our Best Selling Bulk Snacks. 

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