New Snack Mixes

July 31, 2018

We’re introducing two new flavors to our wide variety of 60+ bulk snack mixes!

Buffalo Stampede

With a smoky and spicy flavor profile, Buffalo Stampede is also a good source of protein. The snack mix starts with the bold flavor of buffalo-flavored peanuts known as Buffalo Nuts. From there, the flavor is raised with smoked almonds and guacamole bites, topping it off with the crunch of Everything Sticks and a little sweetness from the butter toasted peanuts.

Buffalo Stampede is available in 20lb bulk.

Kiwi Colada

Our other new snack mix transports you to the Tropics. Kiwi Colada has the sweet, tropical flavors of kiwi quarters, coconut cashews, pineapple and strawberries with pineapple habanero honey roasted sesame sticks adding a dash of sweet spice.

Kiwi Colada is available in 10lb bulk.










Interested in adding these snack mixes to your offerings?

Bulk can be a profitable (40-50% profit margins) and on trend way to sell snack mixes, candy and nuts. In addition to affordability with savings passed on from the lack of individual packaging, labeling and advertising, bulk snack mixes are more eco-friendly, fresh and personalized for the end customer.

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