Colleges & Universities Report

July 24, 2018

As school is back in session soon, it’s the perfect time to dive deeper into some data compiled by IFMA and Datassential on Colleges & Universities.

We’re making it easy to read through on your lunch break with some highlighted takeaways:

Industry Data:

  • Colleges & Universities have a $7.4 billion operator F&B spend


  • C&U experienced slight growth this year. Operators within this segment face multiple challenges as they try to balance increasing demand for healthier and more innovative food options while also keeping pricing low and menu items accessible.


  • Top colleges will continue to prioritize their foodservice offerings as an amenity to attract potential students. All schools are likely to increase the variety of on-and-off-campus food options to match students’ mindful dining needs and increasingly busy and convenience-focused lifestyles.


  • Campus c-stores and other retail locations like micromarkets and grocery stores will continue to thrive on campuses.


  • The Current Daypart Share is:
    17% – Breakfast
    43% – Lunch
    24% – Dinner
    16% – Snack



F&B Purchase Manager Stats:

  • Gender – 66% male, 34% female


  • Age:
    1% – Under 25
    15% – 24 to 34
    18% – 35 to 44
    40% – 45 to 54
    22% – 55 to 64
    4% – 65 and older


  • Job Responsibility/Experience
    General Manager: 29%
    Foodservice Director: 24%
    Executive Chef: 14%
    Director of Dining Services: 12%
    F&B Manager: 8%
    Purchasing Manager: 7%
    Other: 7%


  • Culinary Training:
    34% went to culinary school
    42% learned on-the-job
    24% have no formal training


  • Average Years of Industry Experience: 28


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