Salty Snack Flavor Trends

June 15, 2018

Top 10 Emerging Flavor Trends for Salty Snacks:

Garam Masala. Literally meaning warm spice, this blend is used often in Indian cooking.

Pink Peppercorn. Unlike the black peppercorn you’re used to, these are closer to a super mild chili pepper with a sweet fruitiness.

Coriander. While the leaves and stalks are referred to as cilantro, the seeds are known as coriander. When ground, the seeds’ roasted, nutty aromas come to the forefront.

Salsa Verde. A mild green sauce that is typically a tomatillo based salsa mixed with chili peppers, onions, and other ingredients.

Tajín. No ordinary chili powder, this Mexican seasoning starts with tart lime as the main flavor that is followed up with salt and a little bit of heat.

Chai. Already a popular sweet flavor, the warm flavors of ginger, clove, and anise are pairing well with salty snacks.

Tamarind. This bold sweet-sour flavor adds dimension to salty snacks.

Berbere. An Ethiopian seasoning, it’s a heady mix of spicy, bitter, and sweet.

Kimchi. A classic Asian flavor, it’s often used to balance out other flavors.

Horseradish. A very strong flavor, the boldness is paired with salt for those looking for a bigger flavor.

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