Business Snack Ideas

May 4, 2018

Snacks don’t always have to be confined to retail. Sometimes you just need to think outside the box for other ways snacks can be used for success in your business. Our snacks can be used to attract new customers to your business, remind existing customers they’re valuable to your company, or boost employee morale.

Here are a few simple ways to incorporate snacks in new ways beyond retail:

  1. Gift baskets– Incorporating multiple snacks into a gift basket can create a versatile present that anyone would be excited to dig into. Gift baskets can be used on many different occasions such as a thank you present to a loyal customer or a holiday gift for employees.
  2. Promotional tool– If you send out a promotional direct mail piece, attaching a mini snack bag or trEAT4u bag to it will remind prospective customers of who you are when they enjoy the snack later on.
  3. Membership ‘perk’– Giving your customers loyalty ‘perks’ like their favorite snacks for free.
  4. Employee lounge– If your employees have their own lounge area, offering them various snacks they can enjoy will help them stay full and focused while boosting productivity.
  5. Office birthdays/anniversaries– Show your employees you value them by gifting them their favorite snacks on their birthday or anniversary.


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