Benefits of Buying Bulk

April 26, 2018

We have been manufacturing fresh, high-quality snack mixes for 40+ years. With over 60 unique mixes that are blended fresh daily, there is a perfect snack mix for every business. Bulk can be a very profitable (40-50% profit margins!) and on trend way to sell snack mixes, candy and nuts. Here are some of our favorite benefits of bulk:

Save Money

Bulk is more affordable for both the retailer and end customer since savings are passed on from the lack of individual packaging, labeling and advertising.

It’s more Eco-Friendly

Eliminating packaging reduces carbon footprints, preventing a significant amount of packaging from entering landfills.


Buying in bulk offers a large selection of products that can be purchased in the exact quantity desired. This allows customers to choose from a variety of snacks to sample which often results in higher total sales and repeat sales.



Bulk bins are constantly being refilled which keeps the items fresh without concern of checking sell-by dates on packaging. You can also see what you are buying, unlike most foods in packages.


Merchandising Tips for Bulk:

  • Group products logically by category, alternating color and texture as much as possible
  • Whenever possible, place snack items in a high visibility area
  • Provide labeling that is colorful, uniform and informative

Interested in what snack mixes, candy and nuts sells best in bulk? A list of our Best Selling Bulk Snacks can be found HERE.

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