Featured Snack: That’s it.

April 10, 2018

That’s it.® is a snack company dedicated to simple and easy ingredients made from real fruits, veggies, and dark chocolate. Their goal is to make eating healthy snacks easy and stress-free. Their products have 5 or fewer ingredients that you can pronounce and they don’t add any preservatives or colors.

That’s it.® products are also non-GMO, vegan, kosher, and gluten-free.

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Truly Good Foods carries a variety of flavors of That’s it.® bars including:

  • Apple + Blueberries

    Enjoy the taste of crisp apples and bursts of blueberries in this delicious fruit bar. Each bar is packed with two servings of whole fruit. No fillers, just apples and blueberries.


  • Apple + Cherries

    Who said healthy snack bars have to be boring? Apples and cherries are endurance superfoods and this bar is packed with two servings of whole, non-GMO fruit. Just apples and cherries. No preservatives.


  • Apple + Strawberries

    With ripened red apples and sweet strawberries, this vegan, gluten-free snack is a fan favorite. Each bar is packed with two servings of whole fruit. No fillers, just apples and strawberries.


  • Apple + Mango

    Want a taste of the tropics at home? You’ll love this whole food bar, made with mouthwatering mangoes and juicy apples. No added sugars. Full of vitamin C and A, along with 25 immune-building carotenoids.


  • Apple + Cinnamon

    You’ll fall head over heels for this zesty fruit bar. It contains two whole servings of red, juicy apples paired with cinnamon for just the right amount of spice. Loaded with calcium, iron, and vitamin K, this gluten free bar is as healthy as it is tasty.


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