St. Paddy’s Day Green Snacks

March 14, 2018

St. Patrick’s Day is this weekend and while it might seem that the Irish holiday is made for bars and restaurants, virtually any type of business can profit from this holiday. If you’re a retailer, there is definitely a lot of sales opportunities. In 2017, St. Patrick’s Day spending reached over $5 billion, the highest in history. Not surprisingly, millennials are the biggest spenders during this holiday.

Tap into your customers’ interest of this holiday to give your sales a boost. To attract customers to green products, merchandising is key. Group your green snacks together and display them in a high-traffic area with St. Patrick’s Day branding. Below are some of our favorite green products, both green snacks and green packaging.

Green Snacks

Wasabi Green Peas. These green peas definitely have a kick of bold flavor.

Roasted and Salted Edamame Beans. Edamame beans are full of flavor and high in protein, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Green Bean Snacks. These green beans are so crispy and flavorful, you won’t want to share.

Okra Snacks. A healthier spin on the Southern classic, they’re light and airy with a great crunch.

Wild About Wasabi. The wasabi peas add the bright green color to this bold mix that also includes wasabi soy sauce cashews and roasted, no salt almonds.

Five Star Nut Mix. One of our most popular nut mixes, this all-star includes roasted and salted almonds, cashews, pecans, macadamias and shelled pistachios, which are what add the pop of green.

Sweet Tooth.  This sweet mix has bright green cocoa gems along with butter toasted peanuts, raisins, honey roasted almonds, hazelnuts and roasted and salted cashews.

California Mix. This colorful mix is full of sunshine and sweetness.The classic trail mix components have a burst of green with pumpkin seeds.

Cajun Harvest. Pumpkin seeds add some nice green color to this spicy mix which also includes spicy churritos, roasted and salted peanuts, almonds and Cajun seasoning.


Snacks with Green Packaging

Happy Hour SUR Bag.  The bright green colors of this classic standup resealable bag will draw your customers in and the bold flavors of our Happy Hour Mix will keep them coming back for more.

Key Lime Yogurt Pretzels. The lime color of this bag will attract customers and remind them of summers in the Keys. Our Key Lime Pretzels taste just like the real thing.

Mango Tango SUR Bag. Fun and bold, this green packaging is just as popular as the Mango Tango mix inside.

trEAT4u 1oz snack bags. One of our newest lines of snacks, these healthy snacks were built around a 10 point nutritional criteria to give you just the energy boost you need. Available in bright green packaging.

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