Most Popular Valentine’s Candy

January 30, 2018

Valentine’s Day is all about the candy.

As a business, it’s always important to make sure you’re offering the holiday candies that are most wanted by your customers. How do you know which ones are going to move the fastest? To help, The Daily Meal looked into Google Trend searches to see what consumers are interested in this season. Here is the Top 10 list of Most Popular Valentine’s Day candies:

#1 Conversation Hearts

The classic Valentine’s candy. Even though you’re not even really sure if you like them, it’s hard to imagine a Valentine’s Day without them. The holiday wouldn’t be complete without them and they are a must have for your candies. Everyone seems to agree as conversation hearts are the MOST searched Valentine’s candy on Google Trends.

#2 M&M’s

There’s nothing like the candy-coated original. M&M’s are universally liked and the holiday versions offer some bright red and pink options.

#3 Lindt Lindor Truffles

These decadent treats are always a great Valentine’s gift option. Silky and creamy, these truffles are available in a variety of luscious flavors.

#4 Hershey’s Kisses

The Kiss is always a match for the holiday celebrating love. There are a variety of flavors of Valentine’s Day to include an option for everyone.

#5 Nerds

These little pink and white balls of fruity sugar aren’t just popular for kids, they also make for a bright candy adults love too.  They’re a festive addition to your shelves for the holiday season.

#6 Dove Chocolate

Dove’s line of chocolates are always a creamy and inexpensive choice for Valentine’s Day. Flavors range from Dark Chocolate to Caramel.

#7 Wild Berry Skittles

Although a well-known and popular everyday candy, Wild Berry Skittles showed up in enough Google Trend searches to make the list for Valentine’s Day. The purple packaging fits in perfectly with other pastel offerings and the sweeter flavor make it Valentine’s-approved.

#8 Candy Necklaces

This old school candy is a nostalgia pick that still ranks high for Valentine’s Day sales. A colorful candy option that peaks in sales this time of year.

#9 Cinnamon Bears

The festive red color and spicy taste make gummy Cinnamon Bears a good Valentine’s option.

#10 Valentine’s Dots

Similar in taste to traditional Dots, these red, pink and white versions make a colorful addition to your candy bins.


Source: The Daily Meal

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