New Snacks!

January 9, 2018

We’ve added some new products. These snacks are off to a hot start and would be perfect to add to your current offerings.

Truly Good Foods Resealable Cubes
Our resealable cubes offer an easy way to enjoy some of our most popular snacks again and again. They’re the perfect retail option for shelves or cube racks. We’ve added 12 new flavors, joining the 60 flavors already available in the diverse snack line.

New additions to the line include:
Ah! Soy® – 6/7.5oz
Apple Crisp Mix – 6/10oz
Delectable Debris – 6/6oz
Fiber Crunch Delight™ – 6/9.5oz
Go Bananas™ – 6/7.5oz
Honey Mustard Mix – 6/5.5oz
Kona Coffee Krunch™ – 6/9oz
Neapolitan Mix – 6/11oz
Red Fish – 6/11oz
Smoked Almonds – 16/10oz
S’mores and More – 6/5.5oz
Sweet Heat™ – 6/7.5oz


Dilettante Chocolates Snack Size Pouches
This new small-sized package offers the perfect amount of chocolate for a decadent snack and also makes a great addition to gift baskets. All three flavors are all natural with premium chocolate coating.

Available in:
Chocolate Blueberries – 12/1.5oz bags
Chocolate Cherries – 12/1.5oz bags
Chocolate Espresso Beans – 12/1.5oz bags


Awake Caramel Bites 
These Awake bites offer as much caffeine goodness as half a cup of coffee. Perfect for when you have stuff to get done, but just don’t have the energy to do it.

Available in:


KIND Breakfast Protein Bars
Soft baked with a crispy outside, these bars are a perfect part of an on-the-go breakfast. Each flavor has 8g of complete protein in each pouch.

Available in:
Almond Butter – 8/1.7oz
Dark Chocolate Cocoa  – 8/1.7oz


CLICK HERE for more info on our new snacks and discontinued items.

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