Holiday Cocktail Garnishes

December 8, 2017

The holiday season is the ideal time for festive cocktails and garnishes. We’re sharing some of our favorite garnish ideas that will keep your customers coming back for more.


Peppermint is synonymous with the holidays. Consider red and green peppermint ribbon candy to add some cheer to your favorite martini or crushed peppermint for the glass rim.

Champagne on the Rocks

Champagne is the drink of choice during the holiday season, especially for New Year’s Eve. Add some sweetness to your Brut champagne with a silver stick of rock candy or add some festive color with a red, green or blue stick that will change the color of your drink too.

Sprinkled Shots

Consider garnishes for fun shots too. You could add simple syrup to the rim with white sprinkles for a festive winter look.

Chocolate Richness

A chocolate garnish is always a popular choice. Consider dipping the rim in chocolate and then in chocolate sprinkles. Irish coffees are a perfect choice for this one.

Minty Magic

Consider Junior Mints as the perfect candy to top your favorite holiday cocktail. Put three on a toothpick to add a slight minty flavor to your martini of choice.

Fruity Holiday

Candy fruit slices or dried fruit can add a little sweetness to a fruit holiday cocktail.

New Year’s Sparkle

Add some extra taste and texture to your cocktail with pop rocks as a rim garnish. It’s a fun unexpected addition to champagne that’s perfect for New Year’s Eve.

Mocha Madness

Dip the rim of a martini in mocha syrup and shredded coconut for a spin on an Almond Joy.

You can find more info on all of our cocktail garnish options in our ONLINE CATALOG.

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