Best Selling Resealable Cubes

November 2, 2017

Our resealable cubes offer an easy way to enjoy some of our most popular snacks again and again. They’re the perfect retail option for shelves or cube racks since they can be easily stacked and are clear for customers to see the product before buying. With 60 flavors available in the line, choose from snack mixes , nuts, seeds, dried fruit, candy & chocolates and snacks.

Top 10 Best-Selling Cubes:

  1. Roasted/Salted Pumpkin Seeds
  2. Roasted/Salted Sunflower Seeds
  3. Banana Chips
  4. Turkish Apricots
  5. Healthy Trails Mix
  6. Oat Bran Sticks
  7. Raw Sunflower Seeds
  8. Dried Cranberries
  9. Honey Roasted Sesame Sticks
  10. Pineapple Wedges

Tags: resealable cubes, snack cubes, snack mixes

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