Best Selling Bulk Nuts

October 20, 2017

Our nuts are roasted daily at our production facilities and most of our nuts and seeds are available raw, roasted & salted and roasted, no salt. We procure the highest quality nuts and seeds to ensure our customers receive the best.

To celebrate National Nut Day on October 22, we’re highlighting our best selling bulk nuts:


Walnut Halves & Pieces, Combination, 25lb

Organic Walnuts, 10lb


Medium Fancy Pecan Pieces, 30lb

Pecan Halves, 30lb

Praline Pecan Halves, 10lb

Pecan Halves, Roasted/No Salt, 25lb


Natural Almonds, Raw, 25lb

Dark Chocolate Almonds, 25lb

Natural Almonds, Roasted/Salted, 25lb

Blanched Almonds, Sliced 25lb

Milk Chocolate Almonds, 25lb

Dry Roasted Almond Pieces, Diced, 25lb

Hickory Smoked Almonds, 25lb

Natural Almonds, Roasted/No Salt, 25lb


In-Shell Peanuts, 36/8oz cello sportbag


Whole Cashews, 240 count, Roasted/Salted, 25lb

Whole Cashews, 320 count, Roasted/Salted, 25lb

Whole Cashews, 240 count, Roasted/No Salt, 25lb

Whole Cashews, 240 count, Raw, 25lb


Shelled Pistachios, Roasted/No Salt, 10lb

Shelled Pistachios, Raw, 25lb

Mixed Nuts

Mixed Nuts Deluxe, Roasted/Salted, 25lb

Mixed Nuts with Peanuts, Roasted/Salted, 25lb

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