Employee Perks: Office Snacks

October 13, 2017

Who doesn’t love free snacks?

94% of Americans say they snack at least once a day. Knowing how popular snacking has become, more and more companies are offering complimentary snacks as an employee perk. With 22% of companies offering free snacks and the average company spending between $3 and $8 on snacks and beverages per employee each day, the benefits are outweighing the added cost.

So why should companies offer free snacks to employees? Here are some of the biggest benefits:

Better Productivity

Many office workers don’t keep themselves properly nourished throughout the day so free snacks can add that extra fuel they need to get through the day. Offering snacks at work adds convenience to an employee’s workday and keeps them onsite. They also tend to socialize more as they gather for snacks which can often times lead to better brainstorms and ideas. When you provide healthier snack options, employees show increased energy levels and a better focus on their tasks.

Top Talent Recruitment

When it comes to hiring the cream of the crop, sometimes even the smallest perk can help move the scale in your direction. In a survey by Peapod, 48% of respondents said they’d consider this type of company perk in their decision to accept a job offer. Perks like free snacks are especially valuable to the millennial generation. Even if you’re a small company without a large budget, providing snacks on a once a week basis could be something your team greatly appreciates. It’s something to look forward to, and it gives your company an edge over other prospects when hiring new people.

Healthier Employees

Offering free healthy snacks reduces the likelihood that your employees will consume junk food that lowers their energy throughout the day. Businesses that offer healthy snacks such as nuts and fruit are helping to prevent employees from making poor snack choices on their own. Healthier snack consumption generally leads to healthier people, so offering this type of snack could  lead to fewer employee sick days and reduced medical expenses.

A survey by Peapod found that:

  • 66% of employees who say their office always offers free snacks report being extremely or very happy with their current job
  • 48% of employees munch on office snacks or beverages one to four times per week
  • 56% agree they hit an afternoon slump without snacks to refuel their energy

So believe it or not, free snacks ARE a driver in employee engagement, motivation and productivity.

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