Packaging Design Trends

September 27, 2017

It’s not surprising that today’s brands need to be more innovative than ever before and listen to consumers’ needs when developing new packaging. With packaging, a beautiful design must still be paired with function. Below are some quick looks at packaging trends that are continuing in popularity and others that are rising quickly for 2018.


Customized Shapes

Unique shapes are becoming more popular with brands creating custom package designs based on product usage or flavor.


Re-usable Containers

On trend with a consumer desire for sustainability and less waste, many brands are launching products with packaging that can be re-purposed for other uses.


Pattern and Textured Printing

Patterns are popping up all over new packaging and usually feature repeating basic shapes and fonts to draw geometric or floral patterns for a cohesive look. We’ve also seen textured printing with embossed, textured paper, or custom materials like leather, wood and silk.


Themed Design

Brands are showing awareness of social issues with design and seeing success with special holiday packaging.


Extreme Minimalism

Minimalism is exceeding all boundaries. Brands are stripping a lot of their graphical elements and sticking to ultra-minimal imagery.


Typography Intensive

Typography is being used on packaging to create 2D textures and patterns to cover the packaging material of the product.



Adding a human element in design. Can be done by either using photographs of people or addressing them with personalization.

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