Global Snack & Flavor Trends

June 29, 2017

We got the chance to hear about global snack and flavor trends from Kara Nielsen, food and beverage trend expert at Innova Market Insights at last month’s Sweets & Snacks Expo. Here are some of the highlights:


  • Global trends are coming from real food items and then transitioning into snacks.


  • Regional flavors especially are moving into snacks (ie: “Canada Poutine Lays Chips”)


  • Nuts, spices and seeds are growing in new product launches.


  • Chili flavors are on the rise in sweets.


  • Rooting nuts in specific origins and regions is becoming increasingly popular.


  • Indian and Italian flavors are on the rise.


  • Sage is a big spice trend, especially in the lozenge/cough drop space.


  • Asian street food flavors are transitioning to snacks.


  • Unique flavors linked with travel destinations are popping up in snacks.


  • Umami-rich seaweed snacks continue in popularity.


  • Consider the moments that align to consumers throughout the day and what kinds of snacks they are looking for.
    • Morning: sustenance, energy
    • Lunch: energy, protein
    • Late night: indulgence, dessert


  • Coffee flavored snacks are gaining traction.


  • Granola cups are hot right now.


  • We’re seeing a lot of sweet bakery flavors for candy.


Click here and here to read more about trends from the show.


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