The Future of Snack Labeling

June 19, 2017

Packaging labeling and regulations are changing fast with major changes coming in the next year. At last month’s Sweets & Snacks Expo, Laura Shumow, vp of scientific and regulatory affairs for The National Confectioners Association shared some of the mysteries of food labeling changes and what companies can do to better communicate their products’ offerings. Here are some highlights from the talk that help to shed some light on what’s upcoming for packaging labeling/regulations and how you can prepare.

  • It’s expected that brands will need to have some kind of GMO statement, but will be able to use a qr code, symbols or language on package to convey this.
    • Exemptions to the GMO labeling will be very small packages, minor ingredients and very small food manufacturers.
  • There is a new initiative called Smart Label – it’s created by manufacturers and retailers and enables consumers to get additional details about a wide range of food and beverage products from their smartphones.
  • Key changes for the new labels:
    • Serving size and servings per container will now be featured larger and bolder.
    • New requirements for certain size packages if they could be consumed in one or multiple sittings. Servings are now based on what consumers are actually eating.
    • With the new regulations, containers that have between 2 and 3 servings in them are now required to use the Dual Column Label to show nutrition information for a single serving and the whole container. (FDA examples are 24-ounce soda or a pint of ice cream)
    • Larger and bolder calorie declaration.
    • Calories from fat removed.
    • Added Sugars in grams and as a %DV is now required.
      • It’s recommended that 10% of calories should be from added sugars. They’re not trying to demonize sugar, but giving consumers the information they need to make healthy choices.
    • Vitamin D and Potassium are now required on the label.
    • Vitamins A and C are no longer required.
    • Products less than 40 square inches will be exempt from the new label requirements.

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