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April 27, 2017

We’ve added some new products to our offerings! These four lines are off to a hot start and would be perfect to add to your snack offerings.

Awake Granola Bars
These delicious bars pack as much caffeine as a ½ cup of coffee and a whack of B vitamins to help fuel your body.

Available in:
Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola Bars – 16/1.41oz
Cinnamon Bun Granola Bars – 16/1.41oz
Chocolate Caramel Granola Bars – 16/1.41oz

Rip Van Wafels
Rip Van Wafels are snacks for ingredient-minded eaters with great taste. If your palette demands something different, and you appreciate the little things in life – like surprising design, novel recipes and better-for-you treats – you’ve found the right snack.

Available in:
Traditional – 16/1.2oz
Coconut  – 16/1.2oz
Dark Chocolate – 16/1.2oz
Honey & Oats – 16/1.2oz

Softer Than Brittle
Not only is Softer Than Brittle® an incredibly delicious, soft and flaky peanut snack, it also features a clean label with just six to seven basic ingredients.

Available in:
Peanut – 12/2oz
Pecan  – 12/2oz
Cashew – 12/2oz
Almond – 12/2oz

Queen City Candy
Some of the softest and tastiest gummy candies available. The flavorful peach and watermelon rings taste just like the real thing.

Available in:
Gummy Bears, 6 flavor – 5lb or Case-6
Gummy Bears, 12 flavor – 5lb or Case-6
Peach Rings – 5lb or Case-6
Red Fish – 5lb or Case-6
Watermelon Rings – 5lb or Case-6

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